aespa reflect on their “unreal” 2021: “It takes a little time for everything to start kicking in”

For NME, I interviewed the K-pop girl group aespa on their wildly successful year.

Precious Mustapha on Fate: The Winx Saga and Complex Black Characters

For Meeting of Minds, I interviewed Precious Mustapha from Fate: The Winx Saga to learn more about her experiences in the acting field, season 2 and the importance of dark skinned Black female characters.

The Whiplash & Stagnation Of 2000s Nostalgia

For NYLON, I wrote about the whiplash of 2000s nostalgia and why we focus on it in pop culture today.

Teen dramas from the early 2000s help Gen Z imagine a life without social media anxiety

For Mashable, I wrote about social media fandoms keep old TV shows alive for fans like myself and help Gen Z imagine a life without social media anxiety.

From 'Grand Army' to 'Gossip Girl': The Importance of Representing Black Hairstyles on TV

For so long, Hollywood has had a problem with Black hair and for HYPEBAE, I wrote about the importance of representing natural hair and other Black hairstyles on the screen because our natural hair is worthy of being shown on screen.

Teenage Girls are the original Pop Culture Zeitgeists, but Misogyny ruins this

The consumer power teen girls wield is loved by brands, but loathed by society – why does society consider young girls intellectually redundant?

Lava: A Stellar and Charismatic Display on the Importance of our Names

A review of the latest play at Bush Theatre, Lava. A play about the importance of our names.

Afrofeminist Data and What It Means for Progressive Movements

For AMAKA Studio, I wrote about the importance of Afrofeminist data and how this helps Afrofeminist movements. Across a continent with inadequate and biased gender data, women-lead movements remain inaccurately documented or overlooked and stats fail to tell the full story.

The Myth of Matriarchal Africa

For so long, we have seen narratives of a matriarchal Africa and for Meeting of Minds UK, I dispelled this dangerously myopic myth.

Black Women and East Asian Pop Culture

Adopting a multimedia format, I recorded a podcast episode with my friends who, like me, are fans of East Asian pop culture from K-pop, Korean dramas, anime, manga and webtoons.

K-pop Culture: The Power of 6.7 Billion Tweets

K-pop has become a global phenomenon, and the use of social media within its fan – or ‘stan’ – culture, has only amplified it. From Twitter to TikTok, fans and K-pop idols have harnessed social media platforms and are practically everywhere: think BTS, TWICE, Red Velvet, SNSD and more.

What the World Can Learn from ‘K-Pop Activists’

For The Spill, I wrote about K-pop Stan activism and the history behind fandom activism.

The Real Reason Why Netflix's Blood and Water Was So Good

For Meeting of Minds, I reviewed the real reason why Blood and Water was so good. It told a human story with petty teenagers, it wasn't about race either. Teens were left to be teens without having adulthood projected onto them.

Meet the Akoma Institute: Cultivating a Global Learning Community for Black and Afro Indigenous Girls

For Meeting of Minds, I profiled the Akoma Institute, creating opportunities for Black and Afro Indigenous girls in the Global South.

#PasToucheAMonHijab: How France is Erasing Muslim Women and Girls from Society

“2004 was the opening of the Pandora Box when Islamophobia became a legal form of discrimination and not just an opinion.” Anti Muslim hatred isn't a new phenomenon in France - it's important to understand how the history of colonial France and former French Algeria has contributed to the bills and legislation around the hijab in modern society.

The Exploitation of Black African Women through the Kafala System

We always hear about the migrant crisis in a European context, but the social and economic ramifications of the August 2020 explosions in Beirut, Lebanon, evidenced how the discourse concerning expatriation needs to be expanded beyond a Western lens. I wrote about the exploitation of Black African women in Lebanon and other Middle Eastern countries through the kafala system.

The Dangers of a Single Nollywood

As Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie said: the single story creates stereotypes, and the problem with stereotypes is not that they are untrue, but that they are incomplete. They make one story become the only story. In print for CRXSS Magazine

If COVID-19 Doesn’t Kill Us, Capitalism Just Might

As lockdown restrictions ease in England, I wrote about the shortfalls of the British government throughout the pandemic - from ‘Eat Out to Help Out’, cronyism and the lack of concern for public health.

Belgian Muslim Women: Choosing Faith or Education

The recent surge in activism surrounding Black Lives Matter has exposed the failings of some universities when it comes down to acknowledging the colonial legacies that remain detrimental to their ethnic minority students, particularly those who are Black. By protesting for liberation and anti-discrimination, Belgium remains hypocritical by banning 'religious symbols'.

Woke-Washing: When Anti-Racism and Sustainability Become a PR Stunt

We’ve seen brands go green for climate change, rainbow for Pride, blue for the Sudanese Revolution and in June 2020, black for Black Lives Matter. Businesses and influencers alike posted a black square on their social media accounts in an effort to raise awareness for the movement, and a sign of support and allyship - whether it was going to be life-long support or completely performative allyship was going to clear only a few weeks later. What does woke-washing mean in 2020?

#EarthDay: Sustainability and Hair Extensions

As Black Women, our hair is deeply important to us. Historically, the sector is extremely lucrative for Black Women, yet it’s unfortunate that many of our local hair shops aren’t even Black owned. Despite this, it’s important to consider how damaging synthetic hair is for our environment and even our health. I investigate the importance of being sustainable and ethical in pursuit of hair extensions for Meeting of Minds.

Maybe We Should Stop Romanticizing British Monarchy

Hollywood has a fixation with imperialism that needs to stop. This piece argues about the importance of remaining critical when watching scripted television about British aristocracies and monarchies in this op-ed.

Writes of passage: The books that got me through the growing pains

I wrote about my love for reading and favourite childhood books for The Irish Times.

Milan Fashion Week’s online collections demonstrate creativity in the execution

As Milan Fashion Week was the first of its kind to be held entirely online, I consider whether this demonstrates the creativity of high fashion brands or whether it still remains inaccessible to the majority of consumers.