BTS’s Engagement with ARMY during the Pandemic: Bringing Comfort Right In Your Living Room

Despite the unprecedented circumstances with the pandemic, BTS has been consistent in delivering flawless content for ARMY. This is standard for BTS. However, this year it came with a twist. In this piece for Revolution Magazine, I explore the ways BTS engaged with ARMY whether it was virtual concerts like Map of the Soul ON:E or Bang Bang Con or their show In the Soop. A true artist-fan relationship the others could only dream of.

Medical racism and the higher mortality rate among Black women in childbirth

Racism manifests itself in the most violent ways and unfortunately, medical racism is not exempt from this. We see Black mothers having disgraceful maternal health, being more likely to die during pregnancies due to a racist system. In this piece, I uncover the significance of medical racism from the era of enslavement and our present society, where Black mothers are 5x more likely in the UK to die while pregnant and 243% more likely in the USA.
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