Rationalising the US government's destruction is a form of American exceptionalism

The events that occurred at the US Capitol are not the events of a 'third world country'. It's just white supremacy, combined with American exceptionalism. For The Voice, I criticise American journalists and political figures who aim to rationalise these events and completely ignore the havoc American hegemony has wreaked on the world. Furthermore, I question whether the US is losing itself influence and whether it will merely remain a soft power.

Abolitionism: Not Just an American Concept

Here in the UK, we marched for George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. But not just them — we marched for Shukri Abdi, Christopher Kapessa, Belly Mujinga and unfortunately many others. Whilst the concepts and realities of police violence are different, institutional racism in the British police force does exist. In this piece, I uncover how abolitionism isn't solely an American concept and why the wellbeing of the most vulnerable matters first.

Medical racism and the higher mortality rate among Black women in childbirth

Racism manifests itself in the most violent ways and unfortunately, medical racism is not exempt from this. We see Black mothers having disgraceful maternal health, being more likely to die during pregnancies due to a racist system. In this piece, I uncover the significance of medical racism from the era of enslavement and our present society, where Black mothers are 5x more likely in the UK to die while pregnant and 243% more likely in the USA.